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  Norwest Specialist Practice
Norwest Specialist Practice
Suite 11.1, Q Central, 10 Norbrick Drive,
Bella Vista NSW 2153
Telephone : +61 2 8883 1173
Facsimile : +61 2 8883 1107
E mail : info@mentalhealthspecialists.com.au

  Carlingford Specialist Practice
Carlingford Specialist Practice
752 B Pennant Hills Road,
Carlingford NSW 2118
Telephone : +61 2 9871 7777
Facsimile : +61 2 9871 7888
E mail : info@mentalhealthspecialists.com.au
We provide a unique service
We begin the therapy process by getting to know you as a person – understanding your emotions, your thought processes, your relationships and your perceptions of the world. Understanding you as a person will help us
Arrive at a Mental Health Diagnosis,
Explain why you are experiencing certain emotions
Suggest a treatment plan conducive to your needs
As mental health professionals with extensive experience, we are equipped to help individuals of any age in addition to couples, friends and families.We provide professional mental health services from the cradle to the end of life. Our goal is to achieve the best possible outcome for our patients.